Imagining the Possibilities

Through the functionally-based, diagonal patterns of sequential movements, Latella Neuromuscular Training Systems' (LNTS) simply makes sports performance and rehabilitation more efficient. LNTS' patented techniques initiate facilitation to evoke specific motor responses through rotational movements against resistance. Our technology allows us to record range of motion data for any joint in the body. It is at that moment that the movement patterns are prescribed with the progress and results tracked over time.


LNTS Method
The LNTS Method uses specific patterns of movement in specific rotation against resistance. These patters trigger oscillations that provide increased sensory cues in vestibular, proprioceptive, cutaneous, and tactile stimuli enhancing spatial properties. Especially in deep receptors that have larger fields and respond to vibrations within the patented LNTS movements.

The result for the individual is increased plasticity in neural functioning leading to changes in how cortical cells are allocated to body parts. Multiple muscles across multiple joints are therefore training more efficiently and simultaneously.

LNTS Connect
Track and share progress easily through our Windows-based and mobile applications as well as our set of proprietary APIs.

I can physically do things now that I could not perform before using LNTS. Hence, my shot making ability has improved tremendously.

Jake Kaminski,
Olympic Team USA Archery, Silver Medalist 2012

This is the first golf training program I have witnessed in over 45 years of teaching and playing the game, to significantly improve learning, IMMEDIATELY, and is easily transitioned to the lesson tee. It is the next revolution in golf.

Dick Smith Sr.,
Former President, PGA of America, Member, PGA Professional Hall of Fame

I competed as a professional for eight years without winning a tournament, then I started training with Skip and the difference was almost immediate. My average driving distance in LPGA Tour events jumped from 212 to 241 yards after training with Skip. Since I started working with the Skip I have won seven professional events and have been the Metropolitan PGA Women’s Player of the Year four consecutive seasons.

Cheryl Anderson,
Former LPGA National Teacher of the Year, Mike Bender Academy, Orlando Florida

How it works

the Wearable Suit with 10 IMU Sensors Built In
Record the initial
evaluation for your
ranges of motion
Get prescribed
exercises based on
your evaluation
Perform exercises
track and monitor
improvements over time

The Benefits

By using the LNTS Method and LNTS Connect, you will train and see efficient results like never before.

Track all of your progress through state of the art software and wearable technology.

Share and track your progress with coaches, trainers and healthcare professionals.

Compliance friendly exercises and data- a dream for coaches, trainers and healthcare professionals.