Tracking Progress: Larss Freimanis

April 24, 2018

Continued great work Larss!

April 12, 2018
Larss continues to make substantial progress with his balance. Here he exhibits the ability to lift both legs while maintaining balance and walking in a straight line. Great work Larss!

UPDATE 2/1/2018- Larss literally getting into the swing of things! Look at that power from the core and lower body. He's regaining the pace in his forehand and backhand!

Larss leg strength has improved to the point where he can now lunge with both legs consistently.

Larss is continuing his Tennis-focused functional drills and his game is getting stronger every day.

When Larss came to us on August 31,2018 he couldn't stand up without assistance. He's been working on standing up from a seated position with the help of strategic training aids.

UPDATE 1/22/18

Larss is continuing to build strength in his lower legs and hips through the LNTS functional drills. Working both at home and in the LNTS performance studio, his  range of motion and strength continue to get better and better! Keep up the great work Larss!

UPDATE 12/1/17

Larss perfecting his tennis motions.  His stability, fine motor and gross motor skills are improving rapidly. We're excited to continue to share his story! 

Larss came to us post surgery from Mount Sinai and we were able to record him August 31, 2017. Since that time his recovery has been on a tremendous path. This is what's so rewarding about our work. The technology allows for the patient to see what he feels working within the methodology and that verification builds confidence.

To be able to have Larss back at work and providing for his family is a priceless feeling to us at LNTS.

We'll keep updating Larss' progress moving forward!

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