Skip Latella is founder and CEO of Latella Neuromuscular Training Solutions (LNTS). Latella, a sports physiologist, is a long-time leader in the development of sport-specific, adaptive movement programming and a consultant to major sports organizations, specializing in biomechanical analysis, program design, and sport-specific training. His clients have included veterans’ groups, professional sports teams, Olympic athletes, major universities, and special needs populations.

He is the author of “Get in Shape Stay in Shape,” rated among the top 25 lay medical books by the Library of Congress. A former Adjunct Professor at L.I.U. Graduate School for Exercise Physiology, Latella has a BA in Biology and Health from Ohio Wesleyan University and an MS in Human Performance from Southern Connecticut State University.

Since 2002, Skip has been approached by tech companies with motion capture capabilities, to adopt the LNTS proprietary software, as part of a "solution based" approach to movement performance. Latella, while impressed with the advancements in tech and MOCAP, has long held that the best way to offer and deliver rehab in the future, is through a "neurologically" based musculo-skeletal movement protocol, along with the measurable "solution" that can actually sync to and differentiate LNTS from all the data collection [only] tech currently in the market space.